Getting Started

Before you can access other features, you must create a teacher account on the Kuta Works Faculty signup page.

After filling out your account information, you are asked to accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Once the form is complete, click Submit. We will email you a link to confirm your new account.

Faculty Signup Screenshot

On the side menu, click Courses and then Add Course.

In the title line, enter a name for your new course.

Enter a start date on the second line.

On the third line, you must choose a course duration.

  • One-semester (26-week) courses require one seat to register each student.
  • Two-semester (52-week) courses require two seats to register each student.
  • You can extend a one-semester course to two semesters after creating the course.

Create Course Screenshot

The Clone from option allows you to copy assignments from a previous course into your new course. This is not an option when creating your first course.

Posting assignments to Kuta Works requires access to one of our desktop programs. If you do not have one, you can download a free 14-day trial.

Older versions of our software do not have a Kuta Works option on the menu. Click Help > Check for updates to get the latest version.

After using your desktop program to design or choose an assignment, you can begin the posting process by clicking Kuta Works > Post assignment.

Desktop Kuta Works Menu

In the Post Assignment window, the Content tab gives you several options to tailor the assignment to your needs.

There are two methods for posting an assignment in Kuta Works.

1.) Post from the Content tab: This will post the assignment only to your Assignment Bank, a collection of assignment templates that can be assigned to any course.

Desktop Post Assignment Content Tab

2.) Post from the Courses tab: This option allows you to post the assignment directly into your existing courses.

  • Set the start and due dates at the bottom of the window.
  • Select multiple courses by holding down the ctrl button and clicking on each course.

Desktop Post Assignment Courses Tab

When you post from the Courses tab, the assignment will be posted both to your Assignment Bank and to any courses you selected. The message next to the Post button on the bottom of the tab indicates where the assignment will be posted.

Post Message Assignment Bank

Post Message Course

The student signup process performs two tasks:

  1. Creates a student account.
  2. Requests registration to a course.

In order to create an account, students and their parents or guardian must accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. They should take a few minutes to get to know these policies before accepting.

Students will create a student account on the Kuta Works student signup page.

In order to fill out the Course Key section, the student will need the key for a valid Kuta Works course. As the instructor, you will supply this code to your students. You can find the course key under the Registrations or Information tabs on your course page.

Course Key Screenshot

Once submitted, Kuta Works will send a confirmation email to the address provided during the registration process. After confirming the account, the student will see a pending registration message on the Kuta Works home page.

If a student is unable to receive outside emails, or the confirmation email does not arrive, you can email us at with the student's account email. Our team will help confirm the account.

In order to accept students into your course, you must have seats available in your account. You can purchase additional seats here.

When students request to join one of your courses, they are listed under the Roster tab for that course. Select the students to accept or reject.

Course Registrations Pending Screenshot

A confirmation window will appear to complete the process. It will indicate how many seats will be used by this registration.

Confirm Accept Screenshot

Students do not need to download software to use Kuta Works. They can sign in from any web-connected computer, tablet, or phone using the student sign in page.

Active assignments posted to a course appear in the To Do tab of the course in the student app.

Assignments that have been completed or are past due are listed in the Results tab.

Note: Assignments that have a future start date are not displayed until that date. All assignments in Kuta Works are in a multiple-choice format.

Students can begin an assignment by clicking on it in the To Do list.

When the student submits the answer, the app provides instant feedback. The selected response, the correct choice, and the time spent on the question are recorded in our database.

Correct Feedback

Incorrect Feedback

If the instructor posts an assignment with the "Answers hidden until after due date" option, instant feedback is not provided.

You can review a student's results under the course's Results tab.

A small progress bar displays a student's progress in the student/assignment cell. Percent-correct values for assignments in progress are based on the total assignment with incomplete questions treated as incorrect.

Assignment In Progress Screenshot

Completed or past due assignments no longer display the progress bar. Percent-correct values are based on the total assignment with incomplete questions treated as incorrect.

Assignment Completed Screenshot

You can view the detailed results for each assignment by clicking on an individual cell.

Results Per Assignment Screenshot

There are three options for reviewing batches of results:

  1. To view a list of all results for one assignment, click on the name of the assignment in the header row.
  2. To view a list of all results for one student, click on the name of the student in the first column.
  3. To view the summarized results for one assignment, click on the cell in the 'Average' row for that assignment.

In addition to the multiple result views, you can also download a spreadsheet in a .csv file from the results grid by clicking on the download button in the bottom right corner of the table.

All results for one assignment

Hotspot Assignment Results Screenshot

All results for one student

Hotspot Student Results Screenshot

Summarized assignment results

Hotspot Results Summary Screenshot

The summary detail shows each question with the correct answer, the average time spent on the question, the total number of attempts, the number of correct responses, and the number of responses for each choice.